BA329 is independent UI/UX design studio. We aim to be your partner in applying the UI/UX solutions and making them look great. Instead of pursuing short-term projects, we establish a long-lasting and sustainable partnership. We are an outsource UI/UX department so you do not need to worry about your digital design presence anymore.

Beyond our corporate appearance, we are people with different hobbies, interests, and free-time activities. Our office feels like home and we work flexible hours. We share our tunes in Spotify playlist and capture some Instagrammable moments. Also, we have 30 hours work week (that’s ~6 hours a day), manage to get everything done ahead of schedule, and we love it.

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Our Values




Even though digital solutions may look magical, there is no magic in creating them. Here at BA329 governing principle is in-depth strategic thinking. We begin by scanning the relevant field, and search for every opportunity to shine. We do not ask, what makes a great design. Instead we look for an answer, how it contributes to your business’ growth and goals.




You have a website? Great. A mobile app? Splendid. Digital strategy? Even better. Nevertheless, all of those solutions work if a certain level of integration is achieved. This challenge is best handled by a team of professionals, working in a variety of fields and seeing every aspect of digital universe as a part of a greater whole.




Whether time is objective reality or a side effect of quantum entropy, we complete our projects on time. Some of us begin our day at 6 A.M., others finish long after the sunset. When the problem arises, we are always here to help. Deadline is also a strict commitment at BA329.




The client-agency relationship is a two-way alliance. We are committed to our clients' products, and keep all their secrets. We convert the latter into a well-designed mobile app, website or other digital solution. The partnership does not end with the last steps of testing – reviews and revisions are a part of our culture.