Carsharing service app design

If you’ve ever been to Vilnius, Warsaw or Riga you may have noticed swarming Toyotas, VWs and other cars, marked with an orange logo. CityBee definitely is the most popular car sharing service in town. And you can reserve your ride simply by pressing a few buttons in their app.

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    Integrated UI/UX lead

The idea of the app is simple – you find a car on a map and with a few clicks, you reserve and later unlock it. The registration is fast. It requires only your driver’s licence and credit card, but unlocks a new dimension of mobility, expressed by more than 1,300 cars around three Baltic states.

Standing on the square one, we did a worldwide research. We traced user experience map and updated CityBee app according to findings. It still does the job and remains one of the most popular ir Lithuania.

Our partnership lasted for 4 years. During that time we had an amazing oportunity to grow as a team and work with widely implemented customer solution all over the Baltics. Oh, and we contributed to CO2 reduction as well. 🙂