Interaface & Charts for Real Estate Insights

Real estate in NYC is always booming as every business seek to create a pleasant shopping experience. Aretailspace helps real estate agents by providing insights of consumer behavior in specific areas around the town. This information is invaluable for their clients in making a rental decision.

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    UI/UX, Charts, Logo

The backbone of Aretailspace is Big Data, a thing that doesn’t leave the headlines in a few previous years. BA329’s task was turning enormous amount of crude data into well-designed charts, tables and graphs, so the agents as well as their clients could make an informed and well-grounded decision.

The data was so enourmous, it could be understood by data scientist only. Our missions was to make it available for everyone – literature graduates, businessmen, rocket scientists, you name it.

Updates on the user flow and its clean interface was one of the main goals we had to achieve while working with Aretailspace. Also, we created a brand new landing page, comparison system and logo.