Jacob Colinn eshop design

The bracelets by Jacon Colinn connect people – just like the stories they share. They believe that the bond created will last forever, and their jewelry represents this idea. Their bracelets are engraved with texts and symbols, and all of them are the unique representation of human relationships.

  • client

    Jacob Colinn

  • We did

    UI/UX design

But to share those moments, people need a convenient and simple device, allowing them to purchase a Jacob Colinn bracelet at ease. Their e-shop design by BA329 oscillates between an intuitive internet store and luxurious, yet minimalistic catalogue.

We helped to clarify the e-shop concept and the purchase now is a lot quicker. Besides, if couples want their bracelets engraved, the process is simple and clear. Every step can be performed online, so you can spend more time with your significant other.