Newmood ecommerce UI/UX

The world of fashion is in flux and the clothes industry is booming. The pleasant buying experience is a must. And that doesn’t mean you have to leave your house if you want to stay chic. Just buy NEWMOOD apparel online via eshop by BA329.

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    Integrated UI/UX lead, Brand

By creating digital style guideline, we developed NEWMOOD’s visual identity, fresh logo and visual communication possibilities.

Seasons come and go, yet we all have those clothes which seem to be permanent. That was the idea behind the design we created for NEWMOOD. We have worked together for a year and in this time we suggested an unified visual brand identity. We supervised photoshoots, reviewed product images and helped setting up the NEWMOOD’s catalogue.

We aimed for a timeproof functionality and a pleasant buying experience. No long queues, no bad playlist, no annoying consultants.